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MK Moshe Feiglin States His Reason for Attempting to Enter the Dome of the Rock

The following explanation was posted by Moshe Feiglin on his Facebook page. We have translated it into English:

In the introduction to his book "The Temple Mount," [former Chief Rabbi Shlomo] Goren wrote: "There is no doubt that when there is a risk of foreigners gaining control over Mount Moriah [the Temple Mount], it is permissible for Jews to enter the azara (inner courtyard) [under normal conditions forbidden by halacha], in order to prevent outsiders from gaining sovereignty of the Mount, because the presence of Jews on the Mount in this situation is considered a form of conquest [i.e., demonstrating sovereignty] which is greater than a foreign occupation."

Since I became a member of the Knesset, which means a representative of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel, I felt that these words of Rabbi Goren require me to enter anywhere in the Mount. This morning, I did not imagine how right I was. It turns out the the Dome of the Rock (not a mosque) was blocked two years ago for Jews and tourists. "Only Muslims are allowed," said a Waqf official nicely. I explained to the officer - the police had arrived - that by law an MK cannot be prevented from entering. [Members of the Israeli Knesset are granted the right to set foot anywhere within sovereign Israel.] The officer's response was astounding: "this place belongs to the Muslim Waqf." Here in the heart of the land of Israel, the Holy of Holies, Muslim sovereignty is actually the rule - simply on account of the fact that due to the sanctity of the location, Jews do not normally enter there.

It is important to emphasize that I am not calling on all Jews to start to ascend to the place where the Temple itself stood - but there is a difference between a member of the Knesset and the general public, but what happened this morning was a clear admission of a loss of Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount and we all need to change the situation.

I intend to contact the Attorney General today in order to clarify the status of sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the violation of the law of Israel.



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