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Revava Calls for Group Gathering on Temple Mount

reprinted from The Jerusalem Post
Apr. 4, 2005 Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST

Revava, a right-wing movement, has been distributing literature and calling for people to enter the Temple Mount en-masse on April 10th, Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

Police have stepped-up security in the area in order to prevent the event from occurring.

The strengthening of security in the Temple Mount area is another step in the police preparation for disengagement. Many in the security forces believe that extremist groups may try to enter mosques in response to the pullout. Recently, tens of extra police have been added to the area but Revava's actions proved to police that that is not enough, reported Israel Radio.

Muslim groups have also called for people to travel en-masse to the area to defend the Al Aksa mosque.

David Haivri, head of the Revava movement, stated that if the police don't allow the group to enter the Temple Mount then the group will hold a large rally nearby.

Yariv Oppenheimer of "Peace Now" said that preventing this event is one of the most important misisions of the Shabak and the police authority.



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