The Temple Institute: Turkish PM Removes Israeli Flag from Vehicle on Temple Mount



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Turkish PM Removes Israeli Flag from Vehicle on Temple Mount

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
09:00 May 04, '05 / 25 Nisan 5765

( Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was uninterested in diplomatic protocol when he told Foreign Ministry officials he wants the Israeli flag removed from his vehicle in eastern Jerusalem.

The national flag is affixed to the front of the limousine of visiting dignitaries along with the respective flag of the country, in this case Turkey. Foreign Ministry officials report they decided the importance of the visit overshadowed protocol considerations and agreed the flag would be removed on the Temple Mount complex, but would remain while traveling through the remainder of eastern Jerusalem.

Less than pleased with the decision, Turkish diplomatic officials complained of the delays during the premier's visit. In addition, the visiting dignitary refused to place a kippa (yarmulke) on his head when requested to do so while visiting Yad Vashem Remembrance Hall.



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