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High Alert in Jerusalem

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
13:10 Apr 08, '05 / 28 Adar 5765

The police in Jerusalem are on high alert, preparing for today's Moslem prayers at the Temple Mount. Only Moslems over age 40 and with Israeli citizenship will be allowed in.

Hundreds of policemen are deployed in the Old City, with Islamic and PA groups having called on Moslems all over the country to come to Jerusalem and prevent Jews from ascending to the Temple Mount. The Islamic Movement in Israel has declared this Sunday as a day for Moslems to ascend to Temple Mount mosques.

A new organization named Revavah has been calling for months for 10,000 Jews to arrive at the Temple Mount this Sunday, the first day of the month of Nissan, known as the Month of Redemption. The police announced yesterday that no Jews would be allowed to do so, declaring the holy site closed to Jews - but thousands are still expected to arrive in the Old City.

Spokesmen for Revavah accuse the police of caving in to Arab threats, and not allowing Jews to exercise their right to freedom of worship.

Deputy Public Security Minister Yaakov Edry invited Revavah leaders to meet with him this morning. Revavah leader David Ha'Ivri told Arutz-7 afterwards that the meeting was "positive and friendly, and he was open to hearing and trying to solve our requests and demands and problems about Temple Mount worship. But he did not come towards us at all regarding Sunday."

" We suggested, for instance," Ha'Ivri continued, "that just like Moslems over age 40 are permitted in, so too Jews of that age be permitted - but he said no. [Ha'Ivri is 38 - ed. note] We suggested that if we are not allowed to enter the Temple Mount, how about allowing us to hold a rally below the entrance to the Temple Mount, near the Western Wall plaza? He said absolutely not. I told him that if they are not allowing us anything, then even though 3,000 policemen will be deployed around the city, I estimate that 1,000 of us will still get through - and that if there is no framework for them, I cannot be responsible for what will happen. I got the impression that this does not bother the police; they won't mind a little violence, and then they'll be able to say that they overcame the Revavah extremists, etc."

"They have totally caved in to Hamas threats," Ha'Ivri said. "They also claim that we are planning to carry out some kind of attack - but this is totally ridiculous, since they check us from head to toe when we come in. And if they suspect someone specific, so they can keep just him out - why stop all Jews from going up?"

"We made clear from the outset that we would follow the rules [set by the police]," another Revavah organizer told, "agreeing to bring up one small group after another. We were willing to work with the police and government on this but they were not willing to let this happen - We are talking about a non-violent, legitimate act."



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