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Sequel Released to Temple Institute ‘Children’ Video That Caused Arab Outrage Last Year

reposted from The Algemeiner
July 9, 2013

A film that inadvertently outraged the Arab world last year now has its sequel.

The Children Are Ready, released by the Temple Institute, a not-for-profit organization "dedicated to all aspects of the Divine commandment for Israel to build a house for G-d’s presence, the Holy Temple, on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem," garnered more than four hundred thousand YouTube hits last year. But it also earned the ire of the Egyptian government and terror group Hamas with a scene the Temple Institute referred to as "coincidental," featuring a newspaper with a picture of then President Mohammed Morsi falling to the ground.

Following the release of the video Morsi allegedly complained about his image appearing in the film and Hamas released its own video response on YouTube.

According to a release from the organization, The Children are Ready II depicts an emotional journey that begins in a synagogue during the traditional mourning and lamentations of the 9th of Av, this July 16, when Jews mourn the destruction of the Temples of Jerusalem, in 423 BCE and 69 CE, and ends with a dramatic twist in which the next generation demonstrates their willingness for change and an end to the mourning.

"The Temple Institute wants people to focus on the true meaning of Tisha B’Av," said Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the organization.

Besides the destruction of the Temples, the date in Jewish history was darkened previously, in 1313 BCE, when the Israelites wept, according to the Bible, after Joshua and Caleb were the only spies to tour Israel and return unafraid of the Philistine giants who lived there. In 133 BCE, the forces of Jewish revolutionary Simon Bar Kochba fell as martyrs against Rome at the Betar Fortress.

The 9th of Av was also the date when Jews were expelled from England, in 1290 CE. In 1492, the date four months after Queen Isabella of Spain granted Jews 120 days to leave the country, was the 9th of Av. In 1914, World War I began on the 9th of Av. The annual date to remember these Jewish tragedies is commemorated by many Jews around the world who, for the "Three Weeks" prior, don’t shave or attend parties, donning the physical appearance of mourners.

"Tisha B'Av is not about just mourning, it is about contemplating a world devoid of the Holy Temple, a house of peace and prayer for all nations, and it’s about asking: when will the mourning stop?" Rabbi Chaim Richman added.



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