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Solomon's Stables Under Threat of Collapse

reprinted from The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 26, 2004

Solomon's Stables under the Temple Mount compound is in danger of collapse, according to security officials quoted on IBA news Sunday morning.

The complex of long underground halls, at the southeastern section of the mount, is located under mosques that are expected to host 200,000 Muslim worshippers during the month of Ramadan, in three weeks time.

The foundations of the mosque, which was built above the site, are reportedly old and unstable, especially following a series of earthquakes that struck Israel over the past year, and the Israel Antiques Authority believes that a collapse is imminent.

Israel has requested Jordan and the Waqf to limit access to the roof of the underground complex, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has instructed the security establishment to prepare for a mass disaster.

However, the Waqf has replied that there is no danger, and that the warning is simply another Israeli attempt to gain control of the Muslim complex of mosques. If the Waqf refuses to cooperate, Israel police will consider limiting access to the Temple Mount.

Solomons Stables is a series of long underground halls 9 meters in height and 30 by 60 meters wide. They were constructed by King Herod, who decided to flatten the area in order to create a larger Temple courtyard and to double its surface area. Underneath the courtyard, the complex of 12 pillared avenues, mistakenly ascribed to King Solomon in the 15th century by Muslim scholars, was later used by Crusaders to stable the horses of the Knights Templar.



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