The Temple Institute: Public Security Ombudsman: "Every Religious Jew is a Potential Terrorist"



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Public Security Ombudsman: "Every Religious Jew is a Potential Terrorist"

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
17:54 Apr 10, '05 / 1 Nisan 5765

( Two Temple Mount activists were given a behind-the-scenes look today at the approach Israel's police and government is taking toward Jews who visit Judaism's holiest site.

Rabbi Chaim Richman of Jerusalem's Temple Institute was summoned to a meeting with Mr. Sharon Michael, an investigator at the Office of the Ombudsman of Israel's Department of Public Security today, in order to present complaints about the way Jewish visitors to the site are treated. Rabbi Richman sought to present how difficult the experience of ascending the Temple Mount is for outwardly observant Jews, who are subject to intense harassment at the hands of the police, while tourists are allowed unimpeded access.

Michael told the two that the security measures do indeed target only Orthodox Jews, but said that they are necessary to insure security. He explained that the police receive many warnings from the various security branches that Jews may be planning an attack on the Temple Mount. These warnings are constant, and therefore justify this treatment, he said. Israel Police security procedure concerning the Temple Mount is based on the assumption that every religious Jew is a potential terrorist, and must be treated as such.

At the close of the meeting, Rabbi Richman told the ombudsman the following: "We are confident that the State of Israel will continue to measure up to its security challenges, and that it will survive even the most serious breaches in its security, G-d forbid. But we are greatly fearful that the State of Israel cannot long survive the trampling of the basic tenets of democracy that it suffers at the hands of its own government's policies and attitudes." The official responded by raising his hands, and drawing a pair of quotation marks in the air, repeating with exaggerated contempt the word, "De-mo-cra-cy! We're not interested in democracy - just security."

"The Israeli government's message is clear," said Rabbi Richman after the meeting, "all Jews who are interested in the Temple Mount are considered to be dangerous, and must be stopped at all costs. This message was communicated to us today, in a personal way, which leaves no room for doubt or misunderstanding."



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