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Temple Institute Rabbi: Obama is a Robber

reprinted from Arutz 7
Sivan 18, 5769, 10 June 09 09:45

U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo last week robbed Judaism of its legacy and threatens the existence of the Jewish state, according to Temple Institute Rabbi Chaim Richman. The rabbi also said the president’s comments were in essence perverse and obscene.

He responded point by point to President Obama’s speech in which he said that "settlements are illegitimate," that the re-establishment of the State of Israel is rooted in the Holocaust, and that denying the Holocaust is a sin but that Iran, whose leader denies the Holocaust, has a right to nuclear power.

President Obama "is making our right to be here illegitimate" according to Rabbi Richman, who is director of the Temple Institute.

Regarding President Obama’ statement that Jerusalem is holy to the Muslims," the rabbi pointed out that when praying, "the Muslims bow down, and they face Mecca and they turn their back sides up to" Jerusalem."

Click here to view the video of Rabbi Richman’s remarks.



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