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Rally for Jewish Rights on Temple Mount

reprinted from Arutz 7

A rally is planned for Monday evening to support the rights of Jewish worshippers to visit the Temple Mount. The event will coincide with Rosh Hodesh Av, the first of the month of Av and take place at the Golden Gate of Jerusalem's Old City. Buses are being arranged to bring participants from all over the country.

The organizers of the event stated "Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen a decline in the realization of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem in general and on the Temple Mount in particular."

The organizers of the event say that Jewish worshippers are routinely harassed by Israeli police by being made to wait for long periods, being restricted to small groups and being checked by security. This is in contrast to Christian visitors who are allowed to walk through unhindered to visit the site or local Arabic Muslims who roam freely to picnic or play ball on the site.

The Temple Mount was site of the ancient Holy Temple, the most sacred location in Judaism. It is the current site of the Muslim Dome of the Rock.



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