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Unholy alliance in Israel

reprinted from World Net Daily
September 10, 2007

by Josepf Farah

You've heard the term "unholy alliance."

I think it was invented to describe those parties conspiring to transfer the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to the permanent care and custody of the very Islamic fanatics who claim no Jewish Temple ever stood on the site.

Who comprises this unholy alliance?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Israeli President Shimon Peres, most of the rest of the Israeli political elite and the sworn enemies of the Jewish state, those who would finish the work of Adolf Hitler if they ever got the chance.

That is the amazing story within the story of a drama unfolding at the most explosive piece of real estate in the world.

While the Muslim zealots who administer the Temple Mount continue to excavate the site without a thought or care as to the integrity of the most sacred ground in Judaism, not to mention an archaeological treasure trove, the Israeli political elite is secretly working out a "final solution" for what they consider a troublesome, burdensome stone in their shoe.

Why would Jewish leaders give away to their archenemies the holiest site in Judaism?

It's an ugly little story, but one you should understand because it's about to become center stage in the theater of world affairs.

Olmert, Peres and the inner sanctum of the Israeli political elite fear the Temple Mount. They always have. In fact, ever since Israel captured the site in June 1967, fools like Olmert and Peres have been skulking about trying to figure out a way to rid themselves and their country of it.

Why do they fear it?

Because they know if it remains in the possession of the Jewish people long enough, the Jewish people will obey their G-d and rebuild the Temple. This would be unthinkable to the Israeli political elite. They believe the Israeli government is the one, true G-d of the Israeli people. The Israeli political elite does not recognize the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They do not recognize the G-d who gave the Jewish people the land deed for their nation. They do not recognize the G-d who promised the Jewish people would be restored to the land. And they do not recognize the G-d who restored them to the land after 1,800 years in exile.

The Israeli political elite believe they are wiser than that G-d. So, they want to remove the temptation of the superstitious Jewish people to rebuild their silly old Temple by handing over the foundation to people who want to destroy all Jews.

Does this make sense?

It does if you are a member of the Israeli political elite. Trust me.

Olmert and Peres and the rest of those unprincipled cowards and wolves in sheep's clothing have sold out their own people. They are now bed partners with the Islamo-fascist fanatics they have entrusted with the holiest site in all Judaism, not to mention Western Civilization's richest archaeological treasure.

Let me make a little prediction: No matter how hard Olmert and Peres work in conjunction with the Muslims to destroy the Temple Mount, it will never come to pass.

In fact, I will predict that their actions will lead to a rising chorus among Jews in Israel and around the world to rebuild the Temple.

Olmert has tried to perform his dastardly betrayal behind closed doors. He has made a secret of his negotiations to turn over the Temple Mount. He has ignored requests from eminent archaeologists to stop the unsupervised, unnecessary excavation abomination taking place now at the Temple Mount.

He thinks he can just make it all go away quietly.

I'm predicting he can't.

It really doesn't matter what Olmert does. Olmert is a political pipsqueak, at most a historical footnote in the history of the Jewish people. He couldn't give away the Temple Mount if he tried because it's not his to give.

It belongs to G-d, as most observant and biblically astute Christians and Jews comprehend.

Has Olmert ever read the Bible? Does he have no fear of G-d? Does he think his nation's history is based on fairy tales? Who does he think he is?



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