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3,000 police stationed in J'lem, 3 rioters arrested

reprinted from Ynet

Shmulik Grossman

Preventative Measures

Jerusalem. Quiet for now

After asking to impose full closure on West Bank, thousands of police officers dispatched to maintain order during Friday prayers on Temple Mount. Clashes breakout while police commissioner visits Western Wall command post, but Friday prayers end in relative calm

A full closure on the West Bank, 3,000 police officers stationed in east Jerusalem, and the police commissioner is touring the field - this is how the police hoped to prevent riots Friday after prayers on the Temple Mount. Overall, the prayers concluded peacefully, but, a number of disturbances occurred at police blockades and in the east of the city. One officer was lightly injured and three rioters were detained.

Young Palestinians who were blocked from entering the Temple Mount complex tried to break through a police barrier in Ras al-Amud in order to reach the prayer area. Officers at the barrier stopped them.

In another incident, a young Arab man attacked a police officer near Chain Gate after he was not allowed to enter the Temple Mount because of his age. The officer was not wounded. The young man was arrested.

Also Friday, a police officer was lightly wounded by stones thrown at him near Rockefeller Museum, near the Temple Mount. Arabs started throwing stones at police officers in Ras al-Amud near Antonia Gate. Two people were arrested.

An Arab minor was arrested near Nablus Gate for assaulting an officer.

Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen held a briefing in the command post set up but the police at the West Wall on the backdrop of last week's tensions and the riots that broke out last Friday. According to Cohen, "The deployment of security forces is currently in line with the severity of the situation."

Cohen said, "Alongside high presence and deployment, the policy of not allowing disturbances of the peace is maintained. In addition, it is important to preserve the channel of dialogue with the various bodies so that quiet can be maintained on the site so that everyone can exercise their right to worship as they see fit."

Jerusalem District Police said they have a number of specific tip-offs of incidents.



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