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Jordan Opposes Jewish Prayer at Temple Mount

reposted from The Times of Israel
November 12, 2013

Statement comes a week after right-wing Israeli parliamentarians proposed to designate small area for Jews to worship By Times of Israel staff November 12, 2013

Jordan strongly opposes Israeli requests to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, a senior Jordanian minister said Tuesday.

Jordan’s special adviser for the Islamic and Christian holy places in Jerusalem told the Jordanian newspaper Al-Red that Jordan has condemned an Israeli proposal to allow Jews to pray in a limited area on the site.

Last Monday, right-wing and Arab MKs traded insults during a discussion of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount at a meeting of the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee, with lawmakers accusing one another of stoking the flames of violence. Eventually, the Arab MKs stormed out of the meeting in protest.

Jordan has made a number of statements over the past year opposing a Jewish presence on and around the Temple Mount.

In September, State Minister for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani called the construction of a platform at the Western Wall for egalitarian prayer “a blatant attack on the Muslim monuments and Wakf land which is an integral part of the Al-Aksa Mosque.”

In January, Islamic Endowments Minister Abdul Salam Abadi told a visiting clerical delegation from Australia that he received instructions from the “Hashemite leadership” to safeguard the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem, accusing Israel of planning to partition the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount plaza surrounding it in order to erect the third Temple.



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