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Senior Muslim Cleric Warns "Israel Will Remove Al Aqsa"

reposted from Arutz 7
10/14/2013, Cheshvan 10, 5774

Sheikh Yusuf Aidais , President of the Islamic court and the SupremeCouncil of Islamic law, called the Knesset "extremists", and the waving of the Israeli flag by the Al Aqsa mosque as a "heinous crime", and part of an overall political agenda to destroy the mosque.

In an interview with SHFA News, Aidais said that the "Al Aqsa mosque cries out for the help and support of Muslims and Arabs everywhere, and that this must be demonstrated not by just issuing condemnations but by action."

Adais also stated that the mosque was in a precarious situation and that one day Muslims and Arabs would wake up from their sleep to find that it was gone. He called upon the Arabs of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to strengthen their presence and fight against the Israeli presence, as "Al Aqsa belongs only to Muslims; Jews have no rights whatsoever."



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