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Glenn Beck Plans ‘Restoring Courage’ Rally on Temple Mount

reprinted from Arutz 7
Iyar 13, 5771, May 17, 2011

by Fern Sidman, INN NY Correspondent and Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

( Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck is planning a huge “Restoring Courage” rally in August on the Temple Mount, where he visited earlier this month.

He announced on his morning radio program Monday, "Last summer we set out to Restore Honor in Washington, DC. This summer it is time to Restore Courage... It is time for us to courageously stand with Israel."

Beck acknowledged that organizing security and logistics for the August event would be challenging. "The very gates of hell will open up against us," he said on his radio program.

Referring to international diplomatic efforts to handle the Arab world’s anti-Israel views and actions and Western diplomatic efforts too, Beck said, "The only power broker, the only seat of government that can and will solve this problem with or without us is G-d. It is time to return inside the walls that surround Jerusalem and stand with people of all faiths, all around the world."

Beck exhorted "all decent people and people of faith" to join him in Jerusalem. Having recently returned from a trip to Israel, where he visited the Temple Mount, he said upon his departure, "The Temple Mount almost pulsated. I could feel it."

Candidly admitting that he didn't know how many people would show up, or how much the event would cost, he declared that the rally would be "a life altering event."

Beck’s "Restoring Honor" rally drew between 90,000 and hundreds of thousands of people, based on various estimates. As a vocal advocate and fervent supporter of Israel, Beck has made Israel and the Jewish people a focal point of his broadcasts. Last February, he offered his prognostications on the revolution in Egypt by telling his television audience, "If President Hosni Mubarak does step down, however, the Muslim Brotherhood would be the most likely group to seize power. They've openly stated they want to declare war on Israel."

Often declaring his deeply-held conviction that Israel and the Jewish people are being "set up,"  Beck has consistently addressed the exponential rise in anti-Semitism.

"Old hatreds are coming over the horizon; it's a well-laid plan,” he said on one program. “Right now, when you're paying $4 a gallon for gasoline, it's tough. Pretty soon, you're going to want somebody to blame. And politicians always are there to give you someone to blame. And mark my words, we will be paying 10 dollars a gallon for gasoline. When that happens and someone comes to you and says, ‘It's the Jews. It's Israel. If they would just give up Jerusalem. If they would just divide Jerusalem...'

“It is coming. This will be the mantra come September."

Making an oblique reference to the upcoming meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Beck said, "There are people that will promise you ‘peace’ in the coming months. They are going to attack the center of our faith; our common faith, and that is Jerusalem, but it won't be with bullets or bombs. It will be with a two-state solution that cuts off Jerusalem; the Old City, from the rest of the world."

Alluding to the dramatic escalation in global anti-Western and anti-Israel animus, Mr. Beck said, "There are forces in this land, and forces all over the globe that are trying to destroy us, but remember, 'we are the great Satan and Israel is the little Satan.'"

Glenn Beck heading to Israel again - for summer rally

reprinted from Jerusalem Post
Iyar 14, 5771, May 18, 2011

by Jordana Horn

August’s "Restoring Courage" event in Jerusalem expected to attract pro-Israel Conservatives and Christians.

NEW YORK – Conservative commentator Glenn Beck, among others, plans a dramatic rally in Israel this August to show support for the Jewish state.

Beck announced on Monday that in response to growing calls for the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state this September at the United Nations, he would hold a "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem just weeks before the UN convenes.

A right-wing television commentator, Beck has often criticized the Obama administration for not standing with Israel.

"They are going to attack the center of our faith, our common faith, and that is Jerusalem,” beck said. “And it won’t be with bullets or bombs. It will be with a two-state solution that cuts off Jerusalem, the old city, to the rest of the world. It is time to return inside the walls that surround Jerusalem and stand with people of all faiths all around the world."

The Israeli rally will be a variation of last summer’s "Restoring Honor" rally, held in Washington, DC. The commentator expects that this time there will be a full week of rally-related activities.

Separately, in an open letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that will run in The Wall Street Journal as a full-page ad this week, signatories – most of them Christian leaders – "encourage President Obama, the State Department, the Congress and the American people to stand unwaveringly with Israel to continue to protect her land and security."

Among other points, the text of the ad states, "We stand with your right to secure Israel’s borders without giving away additional land to your openly avowed enemies who do not recognize your right to exist.

We recognize that former 'land for peace' agreements such as the Gaza withdrawal that ravaged thousands of families from their homes, only served to increase terrorists’ attacks from even closer range, killing innocent men, women, and children."

The ad continues by stating, "We recognize that the ‘Peace Plan’ of the United Nations is not a peace plan at all, but would ethnically cleanse 400,000 Jews from their homes and lands. No foreign country or UN resolution has the right to decide a nation’s borders." Signatories include former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Florida-based radio host Janet Porter, who recently led a movement to send Netanyahu yellow roses from American Christians. Porter expressed her support for Beck and for Israel to The Jerusalem Post, saying it is particularly important as the Palestinians push for unilateral recognition from the UN.

"This is what breaks my heart – to see your prime minister, an incredible leader, standing there, and we have our president who has treated him abysmally,” Porter said. “We need to say, ‘Don’t divide Jerusalem! Build!’ You have a sovereign nation! If the UN can decide the borders for a country, then no one is safe."

She added that it was an attempt to show Netanyahu he’s "not alone."

"The main legislating body in America stands with you, the people of America stand with you and the Christians of America stand with you," she said.



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