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Netzer Hazani Plans to Move to Western Wall

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
10:07 Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765
by Hillel Fendel

Netzer Hazani, one of the ideologically strongest communities, will not be demolished today. The army and residents have reached an agreement under which no expulsion forces will be brought in today

Some 60 out of 80 families still remain in Netzer Hazani, fortified by hundreds of yeshiva students and families who have moved in over the past few months.

Spokesperson Anita Tucker summarized the agreement by saying, "We have made our efforts, giving G-d more time to do what He wants to do." She told of the dramatic developments of the past 24 hours in Netzer Hazani:

"Last week, we ordered 400 moving containers from the army; we wanted to make sure everything would be OK, that there would be enough for everyone. But the army only brought in 5-6. They said that today they'll bring in the rest, but it's quite obvious that they don't have them..."

Anita emphasized, "It's not that we agreed not to object to the expulsion; we're not leaving willingly, and we told the army that they have to understand that it's our right to protest and to leave however we want. We told them that in order not to cause unnecessary tensions, which no one wants, they have to give us more time. We also wanted to give the IDF time to bring in the containers that we ordered..."

But Anita saved the most dramatic news for last: "Yesterday at 4 PM, we had a meeting of all the residents, in which we spoke with the Prime Minister's Office people who are looking for hotels for us. The loudspeaker was on so that everyone could hear. The question was where are we supposed to go from Kisufim; where are they going to put us so that we can lie down at night.

"It was amazing; everyone there heard how they still don't have a solution for us as a community. We refuse to be broken apart, and we need a place to be together. We also spoke with the Home Command, and even today, unbelievably enough, they still don't have a solution for us. The only thing they could offer us - get this - was that half of us should go to Eilat and half to the Dead Sea."

"At one point, when we saw there was no solution, we were all talking among ourselves, trying to decide what to do. One of our neighbors, Mayan Yadai, got up and said, 'My husband was driving in front of the Hatuel family last year when terrorists began shooting. He was able to warn all the traffic in back of him not to continue - but he wasn't able to warn the Hatuels, and they were all murdered. Afterwards, I didn't know what to do with myself - and finally I decided to to go the Kotel, the Western Wall, and there I was able to find peace. I suggest that that's what we all do now as well.' Many people agreed, and my son Aviel then asked everyone to say aloud whether he agrees or not. Every person there then said out loud and clearly that he wished to go to the Kotel - and so, if no solution is found for us, and if they take us out by force, we plan to go to the Kotel and set up a tent city there. If we have no home, we will go to pray outside Hashem's home that He finally build there His everlasting home."



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