The Temple Institute: Police Deny Claims of Temple Mount Discrimination



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Police Deny Claims of Temple Mount Discrimination

reprinted from Arutz 7
28 Adar 5767, March 18, '07

( Jerusalem police denied claims that they discriminate against Jews when dealing with access to the Temple Mount. Police spokesman Shmulik Ben Ruby called claims that religious Jews are selectively detained and searched "myths," and said all visitors to the Temple Mount are checked.

Ruby explained that police have no plans to change policy regarding Temple Mount access, and that the police deal only with enforcement. It is not the responsibility of the police to worry about the connection between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount, Ruby said. He also explained why police drag Jews off of the Mount if they attempt to engage in prayer, saying that police cannot allow those who "mumble prayers as if they're talking on the phone" to disrupt the order.



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