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Beck moving Jerusalem rally over fears of 40,000 Muslims

reprinted from Jerusalem Post
July 24, 2011 Sunday 22 Tammuz 5771

American talk show host says security concerns prompted move away from the Temple Mt.; suggests event may be held at Mt. of Olives.

Conservative radio host and former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck announced that he is moving a mass rally planned for August from the Southern Wall of Jerusalem's Old City.

On his radio show Monday, Beck said that warnings from security officials led him to fear that the event could turn violent, and possibly result in the outbreak of "World War III."

Noting that "this is a country that has experienced the death of Yitzhak Rabin," Beck said, "obviously, that would be horrific in nature if something like any kind of violence would happen" at the rally.

The August 24 event has been billed "Restoring Courage," and it was originally slated to take place at the Southern Wall excavation site in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Organizers said it will also be shown by video at another site in Jerusalem, such as Teddy Stadium, Sultan's Pool and Sacher Park.

Explaining the decision to move his event, Beck said the process of relocating began "when we heard that 40,000 Muslims would be on top of the Temple Mount. We knew there was trouble," he said, recalling a stone-throwing incident that took place during a previous visit to the Old City.

Beck said he decided to move the event "because courage must be coupled with wisdom.

The last thing we want is for anyone to be injured in any way, or for any kind of conflict to break out."

The talk show host said he hopes the event will be a turning point in the lives of many people, "but we'd prefer if that turning point isn't World War III."

Although Beck didn't give a new location for the rally, he said it would either be inside or outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, adding, "It may be on the Mount of Olives."



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