The Temple Institute: Senior Israeli Islamic Leader Denies any Jewish Claims to the Mount



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Senior Israeli Islamic Leader Denies any Jewish Claims to the Mount

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
09:00 Oct 23, '05 / 20 Tishrei 5766

( Sheik Kamal Hatib, who serves as second in command in IsraelŐs Islamic Movement told WorldNetDaily over the weekend that al-Aqsa and all of its components, "walls, courts, and everything down the mosque or up it" are the exclusive property of Islam, adding that no other people have any legitimate claims to the Temple Mount, not even a "grain of sand."

When asked to explain the presence of the Jewish Temples, the sheik stated that al-Aqsa was on the Mount "since Adam" and while "we believe the Temples existed," they were "no where near al-Aqsa."

Ignoring statements that his viewpoint contradicts that of scholars and archaeologists around the world, Jews and non-Jews alike, Hatib added that the Western Wall (Kotel) is also part and parcel of al-Aqsa and the Jews have no legitimate right to the Wall or any other part of the mosque.



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