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Extremist Jews on the Temple Mount

reposted from The Times of Israel Blogs
January 24, 2014

by Camie Davis

Camie Davis is a writer, teacher and activist for Israel. She has authored three books and also writes articles for her blog. Her articles have also been published by American Thinker, Jewish Thinker and the Temple Institute.

Have you heard about the right-wing, extremist Jews on the Temple Mount? They are there to “storm the Al-Aqsa mosque,” which really means, they are trying to start WWIII. Because as Muslim leaders, clerics and liberal Jews have warned, there is really no other reason a Jew would want to ascend and pray on the Temple Mount other than to “push for a holy war.”

Which begs the question: Jews, why aren’t you doing more to stop your fellow Jews from inciting Arabs and starting WWIII? After all, there can be no other plausible explanation or reason why a Jew would want to ascend the Temple Mount other than for subversive, apocalyptic activities. Right?

For instance, a group of Jewish women and children ascending the Mount on Tu Bishvat, had the audacity to try to ascend with dried figs and dates in their possession for a “snack.” But it’s clear that they were there for one reason only. To incite Arabs and start a war. Why else would they be there on a Jewish holiday? Thankfully, the police stopped them and confiscated the contraband.

The diligent police also prevented a young Jewish woman, from ascending the Mount this week. According to the Waqf, her long-sleeved shirt, long skirt, and leggings did not meet Muslim standards of modesty. But the bottom-line was that being a Jew, she was there for one reason only. To incite Arabs and start a war.

The group of Jews arrested on the Temple Mount for singing Hatikva, were definitely there for one reason only. Why else would a group of Jews express their national pride and identity other than to piss off an Arab? Really, Jews have nothing better to do with their time.

And the group of Jews who pretended they wanted to ascend the Mount because it was Sukkot were hell bent on incitement and starting a war. Thankfully, they were locked off the Mount, because it is obvious they were there for one reason only.

An elderly rabbi who was a paratrooper in the Six Day War, who ascended the Temple Mount on Israel Independence Day, was only pretending to be patriotic and thankful to G-d for His deliverance on that fateful day long ago. We all know the real reason he was there; to incite Arabs and start a war. Thankfully, he was not only arrested but barred from the Mount indefinitely.

An elderly Jewish man who had the audacity to recite a blessing before taking a sip of water on the Temple Mount was arrested too. Good job police. Way to stop such deviant behavior.

But it’s not just the elderly who are there to incite Arabs. Teenagers have taken up the clarion call to start WWIII. What a relief that the Israeli police were there to manhandle and arrest the Jewish boy who moved his lips while on the Temple Mount. Juvenile punk!

Really, Jews, if you cared about world peace then you would do anything and everything that you could to join the Israeli government in barring any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. Because Arab leaders have warned that if Jews are allowed to freely visit the Mount, one billion Muslims will go ballistic. Therefore, the only thing to do is continue to respond to the scare tactics by appeasing Muslims.

Try to talk some sense into your fellow Jews, who, as I’ve already mentioned, are ascending the Mount for one reason only. Never mind the fact that your Jewish heritage teaches that your forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all revered the Mount and had some pretty important, life-changing moments there. And never mind that the Mount is the Gateway to the Heavens. I mean you’ve got that wall and everything.

Historical significance? Yes, there were a couple of Temples on the Temple Mount, but that was such a long time ago. I bet some of you don’t even mind that the Muslim clerics are claiming that those Temples never existed and that Solomon was a prophet of Islam.

Speaking of prophets, the Prophets of Israel wrote about some rather significant events that center around the Temple Mount. Isaiah foresaw that world peace was intricately connected to the Temple Mount. But who needs such archaic visions of a House of Prayer for all nations or swords being beat into plowshares when you’ve got the “peace talks,” “land giveaways,” and “prisoners in exchange for peace?”

So Jews, please talk some sense into your fellow Jews. Warning, though, they’ll probably try to tell you that the Temple Mount is the most sacred place on earth, the place to be seen by G-d. The place where G-d chose to rest His name. The place where all of creation began. But that’s just crazy talk, right? Nobody believes those things anymore. Or do they? With every fiber of their being. Like I said, they are extremist. Just like their forefathers before them.



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