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Several police hurt by rioters at Temple Mount

reprinted from The Jerusalem Post
February 24, 2012 Friday 1 AdarI 5772

Hundreds of Palestinians throw rocks at police who disperse rioters with stun grenades; several hole up in Aqsa Mosque.

Security forces dispersed hundreds of Muslim worshipers rioting and throwing stones at the Temple Mount on Friday.

Police managed to disperse the majority of the rioters with stun grenades, but several youths took refuge in the Aqsa Mosque while security forces remained outside.

A number of police were injured by stones thrown at them and were receiving treatment on the scene.

Jerusalem Police had warned of unrest at the Temple Mount earlier in the week as right-wing activists said they would ascend to the holy site and Palestinian activists responded by saying they would come to "protect" the area.

Overnight Monday, police raided an apartment in Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood and found extremist right-wing documents related to the Temple Mount. Police arrested one activist and took him for investigation.

On Sunday, Police arrested 18 Muslims during unrest that broke out on the Temple Mount after 50 protesters pelted tourists and officers with stones.

Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said the protesters were reacting to reports that a group of Jews bent on destroying the Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and building the Third Temple on the site planned to ascend the Temple Mount en masse.

There were similar rumors of such an attempt to be led by Likud activist Moshe Feiglin the previous Sunday.

Melanie Lidman and Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report.



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