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Temple Institute Tisha B'Av Video Goes Viral

reprinted from Arutz 7
7/24/2012, Av 5, 5772

By Ben Bresky

Two children build a sand castle. But there's more to this 90-second video then just sand. After 5 days it has hit over 110,000 views.

A new video released by the Temple Institute, called The Children are Ready has hit over 110,000 views on YouTube as of Tuesday, only five days after its release.

The Temple Institute says the 90-second long video "is an attempt to positively refocus people’s attention during the period of the Nine Days and Tisha B’Av (the Fast of the Ninth of Av, the day the two Temples were destroyed)." It depicts two children building a sandcastle which looks like the Bet Hamikdash, the Holy Temple, in Jerusalem.

The first Temple, build by King Solomon, was destroyed by Babylonian occupation army on the 9th day of the month of Av. There is some controversy about the year, which most consider 586 B.C.E. and others some 420 B.C.E. The second Temple was destroyed by the Roman occupation army in 70 C.E., also on the 9th day of the month of Av. Every year, the day of Tisha B'Av is commemorated as a fast day. It will take place this year starting Saturday night July 28th and end Sunday night July 29th.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, director of the Temple Institute's international department stated "this Tisha B'Av we want people to do some serious soul searching and truly contemplate what they are missing without the Beit Hamikdash. We are delighted at the outpouring of well wishes and positive response we have received and urge all of Am Yisrael to watch and share the video."

Rabbi Chaim Richman's weekly talk on the Torah reading is posted in the Judaism section of Arutz Sheva. Rabbi Chaim Richman is also the co-host of Temple Talk which airs every Tuesday on Israel National Radio's streaming audio and podcast site. For archives click here.

To watch the video click here.



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