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Jewish Visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount Besieged, Taunted by Hundreds of Muslims

reposted from Jerusalem Post
June 25, 2014 Wednesday 27 Sivan 5774

by Daniel K. Eisenbud

Mob of men, women and children hold up three fingers to represent three abducted yeshiva students.

A video taken Wednesday morning shows a group of 40 Jewish visitors who ascended the Temple Mount to pray for the three abducted yeshiva students besieged by hundreds of Palestinian men, women and children who taunted them and threatened violence.

The video, taken by a member of the Temple Institute, which lobby’s for Jewish prayer rights at the contested holy site, initially shows dozens of Palestinian children surround and shout at the Jewish group. Moments later, Muslim women and men join the fray.

Following the incident, the Temple Institute issued a statement describing the incident.

“On the morning of June 25, 2014, some 40 Jews ascended the Temple Mount to be seen by God and pray on behalf of the three Jewish teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists two weeks ago,” the statement read.

“Hundreds of Muslim men and women and a Hamas organized summer camp for Muslim children greeted the Jews with thunderous jeers and curses, waving their shoes and holding up their newly minted obscenity: a three-finger ‘victory’ sign, signifying their gloating pride in the kidnapping of the three Jewish boys.”

The statement continued: “For more than one hour the Muslim mob followed and lunged at the Jewish worshipers. This video shows a few brief examples of the twisted Muslim culture of hatred in which Muslim children are indoctrinated, and which passes for the ‘status quo’ on the Temple Mount.”

According to Rabbi Chaim Richman, director of the International Department of the Temple Institute, who was among the visitors, despite doing nothing to antagonize the Arabs, the group was aggressively followed and jeered during the entirety of their visit.

“Eventually hundreds surrounded us on all sides waving their fists and screaming at us,” he said. “The police obviously didn’t know how to deal with it.”

Richman said no arrests or injuries resulted from the melee.



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