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Temple Mount Entry Limited to Prevent Planned Friday Protest

reprinted from Haaretz
14:16 27/07/2006

by Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent

Police on Thursday restricted entry to Jerusalem's Temple Mount to Palestinians under the age of 40 after it received information a protest was scheduled to take place on its premises after Friday's prayers.

Demonstrators were said to have planned an event which included holding 70 wedding ceremonies and a mass rally against Israel's offensive in Lebanon.

Police sources said after deciding to limit entry to the shrine that the Temple Mount is a place of worship and not a stage on which to mount political protests.

Security forces have taken up positions around the Temple Mount and inside Jerusalem's Old City ahead of Friday's prayers in order to disperse crowds.

The Temple Mount is the third most holiest site in Islam and the first in Judaism.

Police Bar Muslim Mass Weddings on Temple Mount

reprinted from The Jerusalem Post
Jul. 27, 2006 17:17

by Etgar Lefkovits

Citing intelligence alerts about possible violence, Jerusalem police on Thursday barred 70 Muslim couples from getting married on the Temple Mount, police said.

The unusual weekday measure prevented all Muslim men under the age of 40 - including the grooms - from entering the Jerusalem holy site after police received information about disturbances due to the war in the North at the compound after prayers.

Police said that the Temple Mount was a place of worship, and not a stage on which to mount political protests.

Three of the couples were detained for questioning.


Police: Muslims Restricted at Temple Mount Friday

reprinted from The Jerusalem Post
Jul. 28, 2006 1:38

by Etgar Lefkovits

For the fourth week in a row, Jerusalem police announced late Thursday that they will be imposing restrictions on Muslim entrance to the holy site on Friday due to the ongoing security situation in the country.

All Arab men under the age of 45 will be barred from Friday midday prayers due to security concerns, police said, with only those above 45 with Israeli ID cards - as well as women of any age - allowed into the ancient compound.

Police sporadically close off the bitterly contested Jerusalem holy site to younger male Arabs on Fridays during times of high tension, and following multiple alerts over possible violence at the compound.



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