The Temple Institute: Warnings Against Burying Arafat in Jerusalem



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Warnings Against Burying Arafat in Jerusalem

reprinted with permission from Arutz Sheva
Oct 28, '04 / 14 Cheshvan 5765

National Union MK Uri Ariel warned today, "Many thousands of right-wing demonstrators will bodily prevent Arafat from being buried in Jerusalem."

MK Benny Elon, also of the National Union, has turned to Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz, asking him to declare that Israel will not allow terrorist leader Arafat to be buried in Jerusalem. Other MKs have made a similar request to Prime Minister Sharon and Mofaz.

"I have no problem with not burying him at all," Elon said this morning, "but rather scattering his ashes like they did with Adolph Eichmann. But if he is to be buried at all, then at least it shouldn't be in Jerusalem." He said that such an announcement must be made before Arafat's death.

"The police must be prepared for a funeral procession in which the Arabs will try to burst into Jerusalem," Elon said. "It couldî be an explosive situation...╩ We must not allow the scenes from Feisal Husseini's wild and nationalistic funeral, which was a blow to Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, to repeat themselves."╩ When Husseini was buried in June 2001, thousands of Arabs waving PA flags essentially took over parts of northern Jerusalem during the funeral procession.╩ Prime Minister Sharon refused to allow Arafat to enter Jerusalem for the funeral.

MK Eli Yishai (Shas) called on Prime Minister Sharon this morning to freeze the disengagement plan, in light of Arafat's illness. The unilateral plan is based on the fact, according to Sharon, that there is no one in the Palestinian Authority with whom Israel can negotiate.

MK Chaim Ramon (Labor), too - who is working tirelessly to ensure that Israel withdraw from Gaza as soon as possible - is also concerned that Arafat's approaching death might disturb the disengagement timetable. Former Labor MK Haggai Merom mocked Ramon earlier this month, saying, "Ramon has only one goal: to make sure his son doesn't have to serve in Gaza. For him, the whole issue is just a countdown until the date his son turns 18." Ramon expressed his concerns to Army Radio this morning.

Education Minister Limor Livnat also implied that the disengagement should be held up, saying today, "If Arafat is out of the picture, it will be very easy to return to the diplomatic process and the Road Map." She said that this will still be contingent upon finding a "genuine partner on the other side."



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