The Temple Institute: Police to Shut Temple Mount to Jewish Visitors during Passover



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Police to Shut Temple Mount to Jewish Visitors during Passover

reprinted from Arutz Sheva
15:58 Mar 30, '05 / 19 Adar 5765

( Jerusalem Police Commissioner Ilan Franco announced that Jews will not be permitted to visit the Temple Mount during the Pesah or Passover festival, starting in the middle of the Jewish month of Nissan at the end of April and beginning of May.

Jewish groups condemned the police decision, citing unlawful discrimination between Jews and Arabs in regard to access to the Temple Mount.

Police have expressed concern that Jewish worshippers might use a visit to the Mount to incite Arab-Jewish tensions.

Groups encouraging pious Jews to pray on the Temple Mount noted that the Mufti of Jerusalem, one of Islam's leading clerics in the region, has been using his weekly sermon on the mount to promote anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred among Arab worshippers.



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