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Government Cover-up Exposed: Temple Mount: Comptroller's Report 2010


On September 14th, 2010, Israel's State Comptroller published a 63 page Hebrew report, (English abridged translation is 47 pages), examining government policy concerning the Temple Mount. Prime Minister Netanyahu was so alarmed by the grave nature of the report that he immediately set out to have it suppressed. Only this past week has it been published for the first time for all to see by the The Jewish Voice website.

The report describes a situation in which the Prime Minister of Israel is the sole arbiter of Israeli policy on the Temple Mount. In practice, the Prime Minister has stripped the Antiquities Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality of their lawful authority over the archaeological remnants on the site and any construction at the site, and has placed this authority in the hands of the police, who, in turn, acquiesce to every demand of the Muslim Wakf, for the purpose of "maintaining the peace" on the Temple Mount. In short, the Prime Minister has, without any government decision or authorization, handed sovereignty over on the Temple Mount to the Jordanian based Muslim Wakf.

For many years the Temple Institute has led the campaign for Jewish rights to prayer on the Temple Mount, and has brought attention to the grave injustices and discriminatory policies that are manifest there on a daily basis. The Temple Institute has also spotlighted the Muslim Wakf's deliberate destruction of Temple artifacts at the site. The following report describes the situation on the Temple Mount extensively and in great detail and fully verifies the charges that have been brought by the Temple Institute, as well as by the Antiquities Authority and many acclaimed archaeologists. In the past, the bearers of these charges have been either vilified by the media or completely ignored. Now, for the first time, the government's tacit complicity in these crimes is fully acknowledged and documented. This report sets the record straight. It points to a very severe problem, in critical need of correction. One can read it and weep, or one can read it with determination and resolve to take action.

Introduction: The Jewish Voice's insightful introduction to and synopsis of the contents of the comptroller's report.

"Opinion On the Issue of the Works on the Temple Mount:" The contents of the comptroller's report, in English.

The comptroller's full report, in Hebrew.

The comptroller's short report, in Hebrew.

These files can also be found at The Jewish Voice.




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