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The Institute's exhibition halls are open to the public Sunday - Thursday from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM (last entrance 4:15 PM), and Fridays from 9:15 AM - 12:00 PM (last entrance 11:00 AM)... Each day, Sun - Thurs at 3:15 we offer a guided tour in English throughout the summer months... See the Tzitz - the new golden crown of the High Priest... visit the golden menora in its new location, next to the Yehudah Halevi Stairway leading to the Western Wall Plaza...

Contact us by email.

Exhibition Halls:
40 Misgav Ladach Street

36 Misgav Ladach Street
Jewish Quarter, Old City
Jerusalem 97500 Israel

Mailing Address:
The Temple Institute
PO Box 31876
Jerusalem, Israel 91317

Tel: 972-(0)2-6264545
Fax: 972-(0)2-6274529

International Department:
Rabbi Chaim Richman Director
Yitzchak Reuven Assistant Director
Samara Hendrickson Secretary

Tel: 972-(0)2-6242566
Fax: 972-(0)2-6242558

For more information, or to plan your visit in advance, email us

How to Reach Us

40 Misgav Ladach Street

From the Western Wall (buses #1 & #3)

From the Western Wall plaza, walk up the stairs leading to the Jewish Quarter. (When you walk away from the Wall, the stairs are located diagonally to the left). As you ascend the steps you will see on your right the Temple Institute's Golden Menorah, which stands in Menorah Square. As you continue to ascend to the top of the stairs you will arrive at Misgav Ladach Street. Turn left and you will see before you, "The Holy Temple Visitors Center."

From the Jewish Quarter Parking Lot (bus #38 & 38A)

Walk through the parking lot, passing the Sephardic Center on your right. Walk to the central square of the Jewish Quarter. Cross the square diagonally, passing the bank on your left. Continue walking down Tiferet Yisrael Street, passing the Bagel Shop on your right. At the restaurant on the corner (at the end of the street), turn right. This is Misgav Ladach Street. Look for the sign, "The Holy Temple Visitors Center" on the right side of the street.


Exhibition Halls

The exhibition halls of the Temple Institute feature:

  1. the vessels and instruments that have thus far been constructed for use in the rebuilt Holy Temple
  2. scale models of the Second Temple, the outer altar and the Ark of the Covenant
  3. original oil paintings portraying daily life in the Holy Temple
  4. Visitors Center Gift Shop, specializing in publications, films, and educational materials about the Holy Temple

Visiting Hours and Tours/Reservations

PLEASE NOTE: The Exhibition Hall will be closed on September 22, Yom Kippur eve, and September 23, Yom Kippur.

The Exhibition Hall will also be closed on October 25.



  • ENGLISH: Sundays - Thursdays at 11:30 and 15:15, Fridays at 10:00.
  • HEBREW: Sundays - Thursdays at 12:30 and at 16:30, Fridays at 11:00.



Telephone: 972-(0)2-626-4545
Fax: 972-(0)2-627-4529.

To make a group reservation in advance by email, please click Please state the preferred date & time for your visit and how many participants.

Opening hours (for group reservations):

Sundays - Thursdays: 9:00-19:00, Fridays and holiday eves: 9:00-12:00, Saturdays (Shabbat): closed.

Entrance fee at the door:

  • Groups of twenty or more: 20 shekel per adult, 18 shekel per child, (from 4 to 17 years old).
  • Groups between ten to nineteen people, 25 shekel per adult, 20 shekel per child, (from 4 to 17 years old).
  • Private groups under ten people, 35 shekel per participant [minimum order: 140 ILS].
  • Individuals who wish to join the prescheduled tours in English or Hebrew, 25 shekel per adult, 20 shekel per child, (from 4 to 17 years old).
  • Groups numbering thirty five or more will be divided into two separate groups. The second group will enter the exhibition 15 minutes after the first group enters.
  • The tour is approximately 1 hour long.


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