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Every supporter becomes a member of The Temple Institute website, and receives a membership card, access to the Members Court area of the website, and other privileges. For full details, please click here.


PLEASE NOTE: We have upgraded our credit card processing software, making it more efficient and more secure. Upon completing the form below and clicking 'Donate,' you will be taken to a new page where you will complete the donation process.


Donations using AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards cannot be processed using this form. To make a donation to the Temple Institute using your AMERICAN EXPRESS card, please do so via our PAYPAL page. You DO NOT need to have a Paypal account in order to make an American Express credit card donation using the Paypal form.

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All supporters of The Temple Institute automatically become members of the Institute's website. The Institute wishes to express its appreciation by granting all members the following benefits:
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Special Fund for Rebuilding the Holy Temple
The rebuilding of the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah is the ultimate goal of the Temple Institute, and the hope of mankind. If you would like to contribute directly towards preparations for rebuilding the Holy Temple, you may designate a contribution for this fund. This fund is held in escrow until the proper circumstances arise wherein these preparations for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple can be actualized. Details about this fund will be furnished upon request. Please contact us for further information.

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Temple Vessels
If you would like to contribute towards the recreation of sacred Temple vessels and furnishings to be used in the Holy Temple, you may designate a contribution towards this purpose. The Temple Institute also accepts donations of gold and silver, including jewelry and coins, to be melted down and used for the creation of vessels. For more information about how to donate such materials, please contact us.

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Raising a Red Heifer in Israel
If you would like to contribute towards the Temple Institute's current project to raise a red heifer in Israel, for the purpose of preparing the ashes of the red heifer, an essential step in the preparations for renewing the Divine Serivice in the Holy Temple, you may designate a contribution towards this purpose.

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Training Kohanim (Temple Priests
If you would like to contribute towards the Temple Institute's Nezer HaKodesh Institute for Kohanic Studies, which trains Temple priests and annually performs public reenactments of the different Temple festival offerings, you may designate a contribution towards this purpose.

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General Distribution
If you would like to contribute towards the general operating costs incurred by the Temple Institute, you may designate a contribution towards this purpose. These funds are used where they are most needed, as established by the directive of the Institute's directors.

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