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Creation of Adam, the First Man

"The exact location of the altar is extremely precise, and can never be changed. And it is a universally accepted tradition that the place on which David and Solomon built the altar (on the site of the threshing floor of Aravnah) is the same spot upon which our father Abraham bound Isaac; it is the same site upon which Noah built an altar when he exited the ark; it is the same place where stood the altar upon which Cain and Abel brought their offerings. And this is the same site where Adam, the first man, brought his offering - and from this very spot, he himself was created. For our sages teach us that 'man was created from the very place that brings about his atonement'." (Maimonides Beit HaBechirah 2; Pirkei D'Rabbi Eliezer 31; Midrash Rabbah; Zevachim 62:A JT Nazir; and more).

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