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History of the Holy Temple Menorah


Kinding the Menorah Lamps


The Menorah

Above picture: The illustration shows how the western lamp is the source of the flame of all six of the other lamps. The kohen is holding the lit wick of the western lamp on the right, and directing it toward the unlit wick of the lamp that is positioned adjacent to it on the Menorah. The same procedure was then repeated, this time extending the flame of the second lamp to the wick of the third lamp. In such a manner all seven lamps were kindled.


Kinding the Menorah Lamps


The hatavah - the cleaning and replenishing of the oil lamps and the replacing of the wicks - was performed every morning in the Holy Temple. According to many of our sages, this was followed immediately by the kindling of the seven oil lamps, beginning with the western lamp in such a manner that all six of the Menorah lamps derive their fire from the western (seventh) lamp of the Menorah. Others opine that once the lamps were extinguished and prepared in the morning they then waited unlit throughout the day, with the exception of the western lamp, which did burn continually throughout the day. Only toward evening time were the remaining six lamps kindled by the western lamp.

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