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History of the Holy Temple Menorah


History of the Holy Temple Menorah


Building the Menorah in Our Day


Building the Menorah: Applying the Gold


After the artisans of the Temple Institute had completed a bronze menorah in complete accord with the Torah description and halachic proportions and details, the menorah was prepared to receive a one millimeter coating of pure gold via an electroplating process. A special bath was prepared into which the menorah was submerged for one week.

One Kikar (43 kilos - 95 pounds) of pure gold was electroplated onto the bronze menorah, creating a single, seamless surface one millimeter thick - "one hammered mass of pure gold - מקשה אחת זהב" For the first time in 2000 years a golden menorah, created in complete accordance with halacha and the biblical commandment, "And you shall make a menorah of pure gold," (Exodus 25:31) was ready for use in the Holy Temple!

Photo from top left, clockwise: The bronze menorah, fastened to a steel frame for stability, ready to be submerged in the electroplating bath. The next two photos show the pulley system rigged to lower and then lift the menorah up out of the bath. A second view of the bronze menorah ready to be submerged. Close-up of the menorah submerged in the bath, coated with gold. Lifting the menorah out of the bath and rinsing it down. Next two photos: The menorah - gold-plated with 43 kilos of gold. A detail of the menorah knobs and flowers. (To the right): Detail of the menorah still submerged. The final two photos show the outside of the specially designed submersion tank as the electroplating is taking place inside.

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