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his page belongs to you! And we want to hear from you! We want to hear your thoughts about the Holy Temple - the Beit HaMikdash: how will it look? How will you get there? What will the Kohei Gadol - the High Priest - look like? You provide the answers, and we will post your words and pictures.


"And they came, every one whose heart stirred him up, and every one whom his spirit made willing, and brought HaShem's offering, for the work of the tent of meeting, and for all the service thereof, and for the holy garments." (Exodus 35:21)

Inspired by these words, and by some beautiful depictions of the Tabernacle and Temple Vessels that we have received recently from some young artists and visionaries, the Temple Institute has decided to hold an online exhibit of Temple related artwork. We hereby call upon kids throughout the world to send us your pictures and diagrams and sketches and drawings depicting the Holy Temple, the High Priest, the Tabernacle, or the Temple service. If it is Temple-related, we would like to see it and share it with our online viewers.

The artwork will be posted on the Kids Gallery. Please send in your name, age and address with your artwork. If you would like to send your artwork as an email attachment, please send it to You can send in original artwork to the following address:

The Temple Institute
PO Box 31876
Jerusalem, Israel 91317

Please note that we will not be able to return any original artwork that is sent to us.

Click HERE to enter the KIDS' GALLERY.

To email us your thoughts, please go to our Sound Off page.

If you would like to email to us your artwork, please email us at

If you would like to fax a picture, our fax number is: 972-(0)2-6242558

If you would like to send us your artwork via snail mail, our mailing address is:

The Temple Institute
PO Box 31876
Jerusalem, Israel

(We cannot promise to return any original art that we receive by mail.)


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MIKDASH KIDS is an ongoing project of the International Department of the Temple Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.


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