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Preparations for moving: The photographs above show the preparations currently being made in anticipation of the move. The gold is being cleaned and polished. The seven oil lamps, the only components of the menora which can be removed, (in accordance to halachah the menora candelabrum is made of a single piece of gold), have been removed and each of the seven branches have been attached to a protective metal frame for the duration of the four hour move.

In the spirit of the Maccabees who purified the Holy Temple and rekindled the golden menora, the golden menora which today stands in the Cardo, is moving this week closer to its intended destination - the Sanctuary of the Holy Temple itself - may it be rebuilt soon in our days. The menora, the work of master craftsman Chaim Odem and a team of experts has been standing the past seven years in the ancient Cardo. The Cardo which is located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, was a major commercial thoroughfare during the era of the Roman occupation of the land of Israel. On one of the first nights of Chanuka 5768, (begining December 4), the menora, with the aid of a robotic crane capable of climbing stairs, will be moved some 400 meters in the direction of the Temple Mount, home of the once and future Holy Temple. The new temporary home of the menora will be in the open plaza next to the Rabbi Yehuda Halevy stairs, which lead from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall plaza and the Temple Mount. There it will be once again on display for the millions of pilgrims and tourists and passers-by each year as they head to and from the Western Wall and Temple Mount. Chanukat HaMenora, a rededication ceremony will take place on Rosh Chodesh Tevet, (the new month of Tevet), the seventh day of Chanuka, (December 12). Rabbis and dignitaries will be in attendance. From its new location the menora will be overlooking its ultimate destination - the location of the Sanctuary of the Holy Temple on the Temple Mount.

The menora was painstakenly crafted only after years of extensive research by the Temple Institute's full time staff of researchers. The conclusions upon which the construction of the menora was based took into account archeological evidence and, of course, the halachic (Jewish law) requirements of materials, dimensions, ornamental affects and manner of manufacture as first delineated in the Book of Exodus, and further explicated by Jewish sages throughout the millennia.

The menora weighs one-half ton. It contains forty five kilograms of twenty four karat gold. Its estimated value is approximately three million dollars. The construction of the menora was made possible through the genorosity of Vadim Rabinovitch, a leader of the Jewish community of Ukraine.

To see new photos of the actual move which took place on the second night of Chanuka, click here.



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