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"There is disappointment at the turning of a blind eye
and the ongoing contempt for the tremendous archaeological importance
of the Temple Mount."

- Archaeologist Eilat Mazar


On the 23rd of Tammuz, 5767, (July 9, 2007), Jerusalem based architect Gideon Charlap took the following photographs atop the Temple Mount. Only two days later did the illegal, unsupervised excavation being performd by the Moslem Wakf receive any attention in the Israeli press. The above quote is taken from the article that appeared in the Haaretz newspaper on July 11th. The article point out that "the dig has been approved by the police," but don't be taken in by this. According to Israeli law, any excavation done on the Temple Mount for any reason whatsoever must be approved and supervised by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Police approval in breech of the law does not render it legal. It does, however, shine a light on the disgraceful disregard for Israeli law, the most basic rights of the Jewish people and Jewish national treasures that guides Israel police policy on the Temple Mount.

On July 10, the day following the taking of these pictures, a source close to Rabbi Richman was detained and subsequently released by the Israeli police simply for inquiring of the police present on location for an explanation of the channel being dug. What are the police trying to hide?

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To arrange a trip to the Temple Mount, in accordance with the strict requirements of Jewish law, click here to contact Rabbi Chaim Richman.



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