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"Then I shall sprinkle pure waters upon you, and you shall be clean, from all your uncleanness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. I will also give you a new heart, and I will place within you a new spirit... "
(Ezekiel 36:25-26)


The following in-depth study of the history and tradition of the red heifer has been excerpted from the book The Mystery of the Red Heifer: Divine Promise of Purity, (no longer in print), written by Rabbi Chaim Richman, 5757/1997, 1997, 2005, Rabbi Chaim Richman, Jerusalem, Israel - All Rights Reserved.



Part I:
Numbers 19
Understanding Biblical Purity
The Oral Tradition
Part II: The Red Heifer in Temple Times
The Levitical Priests
The Order of Burning the Red Heifer
The Ceremony
Part III:
Symbolic Levels of Interpretation
The Episode of the Golden Calf
Part IV:
The Original Ashes
Conclusion: The Tenth Red Heifer
Contents of Illustrations

The following illustrations can also be viewed by clicking on links that are interspersed throughout the text.

Ascertaining the Fitness of a Red Heifer
Raising Priestly Children in Purity - Illustration I
Raising Priestly Children in Purity - Illustration II
Priestly Children at the Shiloach Pool
The Special Bridge
The Singular Altar
The Priest Slaughters the Heifer
Throwing the Cedar, Hyssop, and Crimson Wool onto the Fire
Purifying the Country Folk
Mixing the Ashes in Pure Water
Sprinkling the Waters with Hyssop
Common Hyssop
Hyssop in Flower
Wool Dyed with the Tola'at Shani - the Crimson Worm


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