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Part 1 of 7: Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute speak with Moshe Feiglin, head of the Likud's Manhigut Yehudit, (Jewish Leadership), Faction. Moshe discusses Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, the movement to bring more Jews to the Mount, and the ongoing efforts to ensure freedom of worship for Jews on the Mount. Moshe also discusses the practicalities of the building of the Holy Temple, a move he believes will bring peace, not war, to the world.



Part 2 of 7: Rabbi Chaim Richman speaks with beloved and highly esteemed Kohen, Torah scholar and author, Rabbi Nachman Kahana: Rabbi Kahana shared his spiritual insights on the Holy Temple and the Temple Mount from a Torah perspective, drawing upon his own personal connection as a kohen.



Part 3 of 7: Yisrael Medad, Temple Mount activist and media expert discusses the current role of the mass media concerning the struggle for religious freedom on the Temple Mount, and what can be done to effect a change for the good
With Lorelai Lehrer and Yitzchak Reuven.



Part 4 of 7: "He's here tonight - give a big hand for Yehudah Katz and his four piece band!" When Yehudah and band joined us on Temple Mount Awareness Day, they were on holy fire providing for us an hour long "half-time" celebration of song and Temple insights. It's only fitting that we are first posting this performance on Lag B'Omer!



Part 5 of 7: Hillel Richman and Frankie Snyder, senior staff members of the Temple Mount Sifting Project lead an archaeological exploration of the exciting Temple Mount and Holy Temple related discoveries of the past year. Personally involved with the discovery of the most significant archaeological finds from the Temple Mount to date, Hillel and Frankie share their insights and experiences.



Part 6 of 7: Tziporra Piltz, guide and organizer of women's ascent to the Temple Mount, discusses her experiences and the growing movement of women who ascend the Temple Mount in purity. With Rabbi Chaim Richman and Lorelai Lehrer.



Part 7 of 7: Rabbi Mois Navon, from Ptil Tekhelet organization, manufacturers of the biblical blue techelet dye, used in tzitziyot, (ritual fringes), and priestly garments: Mois described the colorful history of techelet from antiquity to the contemporary reestablishment of the venerated techelet industry, and what it means for the future of Israel.





THIS YEAR'S INTERNATIONAL TEMPLE MOUNT AWARENESS DAY HAPPENING was an overwhelming success. Our guests represented a varied and multifaceted array of Temple Mount and Holy Temple activists. Their hard work and dedication in each of their various fields is reminiscent of the Torah's account of the building of the Tabernacle: many hearts and minds laboring together for a common and holy purpose - to create a "place" on this earth where G-d's presence can dwell among us. Each guest so eloquently and passionately described the field of their endeavors. Their words bore testimony to the great faith and spirituality that guides them. And, of course, there was the uplifting, soaring music of Yehudah Katz and his band. The strength of their music created an inkling of the outpouring of pure joy that will envelope all of us when we stand once again, together, in the Holy Temple!

NO LESS CRUCIAL TO THE SUCCESS of the day's events were the tremendous efforts of Be There Israel, who put together a fantastic production team whose professionalism and dedication and enthusiasm resulted in a beautiful show. (And they were a lot of fun to work with!) Special mention goes to Director Aviel Papo, whose ever steady hand at the helm gave the rest of us the space and the confidence to achieve our best.

VERY SPECIAL MENTION to Lorelai Lehrer and Steve Levine of Radio Free Nachlaot, who helped to oversee the production of Temple Mount Awareness Day and bring it to successful fruition.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, none of this would have been possible were it not for the generosity of the Shraga Family of America. Their support throughout, their vision, and their belief that the only way for the nation of Israel to progress toward the building of the Holy Temple is by spreading the word and sharing the dream, is truly what made this year's Temple Mount Awareness Day the great success that it was. Many, many thanks.


The 3rd Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day Online Six Hour Streaming Video Happening will soon be available online. As soon as it is, we will be posting the link.


The following are co-sponsors of the
3rd Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening:

Cynthia & Richard Tomaskovic
Christopher & Margaret Collins
Bruce Kofron
Philip Averbuck
Manfred Wolf
Jim Wangard
Nga Van Duong
Michael Eric Schofield
Tuvia Holzhausen
Sun & Robert Brisky
Carmine Davide Delle Donne
Aryeh Sonnenberg
Gisela Ortiz
Mrs. Rena Cohen
Doron Basha
David Brehme
Zalmen Stuhl
Hylan Beydler
Cheryl Wright
Dina Minchau
Marilu Contreras
Marie Klinzing
Sharon Cosby
Sandra Pratt
Gary L. Cohen
John A. Molaison
Lynn Provencio
Olga Birney
Bohban Karolshyn (for Dan & Ruth)
Charlene Vanderhorst
Maryann Maciejewski
James Crabtree
Yehudit Lindblom
Dr. and Mrs. D. L. Hyman
Hasia & Robert Richman
Dr. Jason Specht & Family
Maria C. Ray
Diana C. Connerty
Marik Khawatkskiy
John S. Carter
Mary H. Spitz
Tre' L. John, in memory of Gilda John
Brad Gaskill
Bill & Carole Gibson
Ramona Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Goldsmith
Bernie Kastner & Family
Oliver Baldridge
Jordan M Smith
Crockett Cox & Family
Mary L. Didier
Bertram Cohen
Glen & Kevin Harlan
Calvin & Mevne Frank
Eva Reeves, in memory of Jacob Benton
George & Cherry Cude, Jr.
Karen Burdt
Devora Chana Sanderson & Lantz Deckard (Hymie, Seff, Dovid, Chenya, Tzeitel, Tzofia, Alitza, Shuli & Seke)
Joy Beth Holley
Melissa Boutwell
David Sternlight
South Plains Hebraic Center
Jerris Cribbs
Brian & Camie Davis
Howard F. Church
Avraham Hyman
D'Jane Brown


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