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March 10th, 6 PM - 9 PM, Israel time
12 PM - 3 PM Eastern
11 AM - 2 PM Central
10 AM - 1 PM Mountain
9 AM - 12 PM Pacific



This year's International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening is made possible,
in part, by a grant from the Shraga Family of America.

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Tuvia Holzhausen, Mona Stone, Claude Perkins, Moshe & Shevy Teitelbaum, Nga Van Duong, Yoel Hakohen Rubin, Bohdan Korolyshyn, The South Plains Hebraic Center, Robin Sussman, Alan Tyree, Philip Averbuck, Camie & Brian Davis, Bruce Kofron, Barbara & Buck Bradford, Carmine Davide Delle Donne, Claudio & Gisela Ortiz, Michael E. Schofield


Once again the Temple Institute is proud to present our Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening. Awareness Day takes place each year during the week of Rosh Chodesh Nisan - the New Month of Nisan. Rosh Chodesh Nisan is

  • The anniversary of the dedication of the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
  • The first day of the Divine service.
  • The day on which fire descended from Heaven onto the altar, and the first day in which the Shechina, the Divine Presence, rested in the Tabernacle.
  • Nisan is the month of Redemption, the month in which our forefathers were redeemed from Egyptian bondage. But the month is called so not only because of the upcoming Festival of Passover and our ancestors' passage from slavery to freedom. Tradition teaches that in the future, as well, the great and final redemption will take place in Nisan.


The purpose of the day is twofold: to draw international attention to the plight of the Temple Mount, the holiest place on earth, where, currently, non-Moslems are not allowed to pray, and where a Moslem run campaign to destroy all existing remnants of the Holy Temple, and to deny that the Holy Temple ever existed, and to convert the entire Temple Mount into a Moslem-only site continues to be waged, day after day.

The Fourth International Temple Mount Awareness Day will be both entertaining and informative. Our main goal is to raise Temple consciousness and connect you with the Holy Temple, as we meet with people who have dedicated their lives to the Holy Temple and to rediscovering and revitalizing the disciplines, practices and knowledge that are part and parcel of the Temple experience and the wonder of the Divine service.


We will be talking to Baruch Sterman, physicist and founding member of the Ptil Tekhelet Organization, manufacturers of biblical blue tekhelet dye, and author of the recently published book, "The Rarest Blue."

We will also be taking you to the moon, or at least to a proper scientific/halachic sighting of the new moon, just as it was done two thousand years ago, and as all authorities agree it will be done again in the near future. Dr. Roy Hoffman, the founder of the Israel New Moon Society describes the correct way of sighting and reporting the new moon to the Sanhedrin, and the preparations being made today for the renewal of Torah commandment of announcing each new month based on the testimony of eye witnesses.

We will be stepping out of our studio and taking you on a tour of the Temple Mount, where together we will reconstruct in our mind's eye the bringing of the korban Pesach - Pascal offering - by all of Israel.

We will be mesmerized and brought to tears of joy by the extraordinary music and story telling of world renowned and much beloved Shlomo Katz.

We will take you to the Jerusalem old city home of Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, where he will describe the power and significance of the month of Nisan.

The Children are Ready: A 90 second blast of fresh air from last summer's viral video sensation!

We will also be talking with Miriam Arman, vocal pedagogue/reconstructionist, author, lecturer, fine artist and poet, will be describing her spiritual approach to the teaching of singing, speaking and communicating, based on the ancient knowledge and practises of the Levites in the Holy Temple.

We will also be taking you on a personal, sneak-preview guided tour of our brand new Holy Temple Visitors Center, scheduled to open just days after the Awareness Day broadcast.

We will take you to the Knesset - Israel's parliament, where we will talk to veteran Temple Mount activist and newly elected Member of Knesset, Moshe Feiglin.

You will be able to communicate directly to Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven directly throughout the live streaming webcast, via our chat-room.


Be a part of this year's International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening by becoming a sponsor. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Click HERE!

This year's International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening is made possible,
in part, by a grant from the Shraga Family of America.


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